Achieving new heights in business

BG Supertax is a certified CPA Accountancy firm dedicated to providing their clients with a full Accounting & Business Management service. Our clientele extends throughout all of Western Australia and beyond, encompassing small, medium and family owned and operated businesses involved in a vast array of differing industries.


From conception the business focus has been to provide accounting and business guidance in a no-nonsense, straight to the point, unique style to small, medium and family owned and operated businesses. BG Supertax Directions has combined their extensive industry experience and commercial business acumen with a high level of personal service to develop a strong client base.

Committed to the ongoing training and development of their loyal staff in various technical and non technical aspects has enabled them to develop a strong team of professional business advisors poised to take both the company and their clients to the next level.

Word of mouth referrals and a willingness to travel, has built a client base that extends beyond the boundaries of metropolitan Perth to encompass all points of the vast state of Western Australia.

Get Started!


Tax Planning

(Smart way to reduce tax)

14 Days refund

(Subject to tax office processing)


Fee can be deducted from refund.


(Professional Accountant)


(Fast, Reliable & Accurate)


(We stand behind our work)

Other Services

(Business set-up, Super Fund)

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  • Let's Get In Touch!

    Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

    Head Office

    BG Super Tax Accounting

    3/144 Canna Drive, Canning Vale WA 6155

    +61 423 330 144

    +61 8 9455 5005/ +61 8 612 7275

    Branch Office

    BG Super tax Accounitng

    38 Dower Street, Mandurah 6210

    +61 449 841 840

    Find Us at : -

    Warwick Grove Shopping Centre Perth.

    In form of Woolworth 643

    Beach Road Warwick WA 6024

    Halls Heads shopping Centre

    Mandurah in front of K mart 14 Guava Way,

    Halls Head WA 6210

    Bunbury Forum shopping Centre

    Bunbury in front of Coles

    63 Sandridge Rd, East Bunbury WA 6230